The classes are with a Power Point Presentation. Audio Companies each Character and Vowel Point so the student can hear how it is pronounce. There are several practice sheets that help the student learn to write and pronounce Ancient Hebrew of the Bible. The Power Point Presentation show how to correctly write each Character and Vowel Point. Each lesson has one and two syllable and Hebrew Words  which help to develope a vocabulary.

History of the Hebrew Language and culture are included. Archeological evidence is presented in each lesson. This give the student some awareness of the culture of Scriptures. Thus, the student can gain a greater depth of the meaning of Scriptures rather than what man say it means.

By Jeff A. Benner

The Hebrew Bible was written by Hebrews between 1,500 and 500 BCE, whose culture and lifestyle were very different than our own.

When we read the Bible as a 20th Century Westerner, our culture and lifestyle often influence our interpretation of the words and phrases of the Bible. "Rain" is "the coming down of water from the clouds in the sky", but ones interpretation of the word rain will be influenced by one's culture. If the local weather station forecasts an unexpected "rain" shower for tomorrow, different people will interpret the word "rain" in different ways. To the bride and groom who are prepared for an outdoor wedding tomorrow, this word has a negative meaning, but to the farmer in the middle of a drought season, the same word has a positive meaning. To the ancient Hebrew nomads, the word "rain" was usually equated with "life" since without it, their very existence would not be possible.

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to Hebrew of the Bible Class.

This series of lessons takes the student through the Scriptures learning what the Scriptures instructs the believer about Satan, and his cohorts, the Demons and spiritual enemies of the believer. The student will learn where Satan came from and the different names of Satan, and his cohorts, the Demons and spiritual enemies and their activity. Believers will learn how to protect themselves from the enemy and his deceitfulness. It is through deceitfulness that the enemy is successful against believers.

Volume 1 and volume 2 of this series is very important to those who are truly bring forth the true Gospel of Jesus Christ fulfilling the “Great Commission”.

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In these classes the Scriptures are examined with more of Hebraic perspective for greater appreciation of the New Covenant. If all of the Old Covenant is take out of the New Covenant there would be only about 10 % of the New Covenant left. The believer will learn more about the culture and philosophy of Ancient Hebrew. this will bring forth a greater apperciation and depth of the Word of GOD.

This class is an open class. The minum is about 6 months and can continue for as it takes (a Year or two). The Hebraic perspective give the believer a more personal insight into the One True God’s (Yehwah’s) character and personality. One of the most important revelation for the believer is how much more personal the One True God (Yehwah) wants to be with a true believer.