This series of Lessons is important not only to the new believer but also to those already in the Lord Jesus Christ. The study of these lessons will bring forth the answer to the question, “Who am I”. Also these lessons bring forth what is means to be Born-Again.

Many believers have only just enough knowledge of “What it means to be Born-Again” to say they ae saved. With a shallow foundation into “What it means to be Born-again” they become easily drawn astray and led into false and deceptive religions. This series of lesson builds a solid foundation into “What it means to be Born-Again”.

When a believer has a solid foundation in "What It Means to eb Born-Again" their relationship with the One True God becomes more than just a shallow relationship. This foundation is what is needed to build the believer's relationship with the One True GOD.

 The First lesson is about a person comes from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.

 The Second lesson about the many things Jesus brought back to those who believe.

 The Third lesson is “A New Creation And Old Man Dead.” When a person becomes Born-Again the old things in his or her life passes away.

 Lesson Fourth is “What Do I Mean to Jesus Christ?”. If a believer does not know who they are in Christ Jesus, their salvation is lacking in relationship with Jesus. By knowing "What I Mean to Jesus Christ" inhances the beleiver's relationship with Jesus, the One True GOD and the Holy Spirit.

 Lesson Fifth is about the total man, spirit, soul and body. Not knowing about their total being the believer  will lack in depth of hearing the Voice of the One True GOD, Yehwah.

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The first part of “Hearing The Voice Of God” is about the importance of the believer hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. Hearing the Voice of the Holy Spirit is hearing the voice of the One True God (Yahweh),

The middle part of “Hearing The Voice Of God” is the Eight ways the One True God (Yahweh) speaks to his people.

The last Part of “Hearing The Voice Of God”  is about being Obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

The Book begins with four questions and ends with Three questions.

The Book "IHearing The Voice Of GOD" is Available Click Cover for Information.