Thomas Budd Moore, has walked through out the United States carrying a twelve foot cross since 1981. He has written several books, lessons and series as the Lord has leaded him to do. This book is a series of lessons about   the “Seven Anointings of the Holy Spirit” was a placed in Thomas heart back in 1987. Thomas has these lessons  taught in various churches, study groups and to  people when he is  carrying   the cross. He has shared and given these lessons  to pastors, teachers of the Holy Bible, study groups leaders and etc. 

Why do we not hear very much any more about the manifestation of the Holy to Spirit to be so strong that a passerby would see the presence of the Holy Spirit’s Fire, to the place where they would think the church would literally be on fire and burning.

These lessons follow a progression of the Holy Spirit's Anointing building toward the greatest Anointing, Corporupt Anointing. When this anointing is flowing through out the congregation the Holy Spirit moves within the Body in such away that no one Pesron can receive the Glory.

The Pastor and leaders are more like an orcrasta leader leading the congregation move into the fullness of the Holy Spirit. The miracles, signs and wonders flow through the congregation bringing Healing, Delieverance, Salvation, exposing and protection from the enemy (Satan) works against the congregation and the Body of Christ.

Thomas Moore also published a book title “Adventures With Jesus” which he tells of his walking experiences of the first two years he has carried the cross.

Thomas is an ordained ministered and lives in Arkansas.

 Thomas’s favorite sayings to folks is “Boy, Does Jesus Love You!!!”

The Book "Seven Anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT" is available.

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As soon as “Three  Basic Principles of Prayer” are mentioned; Most people would go to “Asking, Seeking, and Knocking” as Jesus taught in seeking God. “Three  Basic Principles of Prayer” are taught frequently but not as a series. When taught as a series it is easy to see how the principles work together to produce a prayer-life that woks in unity with the One True God (Yehwah) and not according to man’s own will.

First part this series of lessons is what prayer is and is not. Then how prayer works is covered. These prepare the believer to receive each part of the “Three  Basic Principles of Prayer”.

Each of “Three  Basic Principles of Prayer” have three parts to bring the principle to fulfillment.

The first principle in this series is Communion with the One True God (Yehwah). When the beleiver communes with the One True God through Jesus Christ the believer will know the will of God.

Asking, Seeking and Knocking are the second principle of the “Three  Basic Principles of Prayer”.

The last part of the first principle and the first part of the last principle are lumped together by many Pastors and Teachers as a sing part of prayer. However, when separated it becomes easier to activate that part of each principle.