The unbeliever is one who doesn’t believe. He doesn’t believe God. He doesn’t believe Jesus; he doesn’t believe the Holy Spirit. He doesn’t believe the Bible as being the written Word of God. Most of the time the unbeliever don’t even believe he is a part of creation.

Reading: Romans 1: 18-2:4.

Ref. Acts 6:1-7.

Nicolas form Antioch was an unbeliever then he became a make believer. When he heard the gospel he became a true believer. Nicolas went on to become one of the seven who was chosen to take some of the work of the Twelve Apostles.

Ref. Acts 1:15-22.

Judas was a make-believer all the way. A lot of church people are more like Judas than like Nicolas. Only a make-believer will do as Judas did. Judas was with Jesus for three years and even went out with the other disciple and preformed miracles as Jesus Commanded them. But when it came time for Jesus to be sacrificed for our sins Judas had no revelation from God and missed the time of the coming of the Messiah. Judas denied Jesus. Then went out and killed himself when he realized what had happened. He had no hope in the true God.

Ref. Acts 8:9-25.

A good example of an unbeliever becoming as make-believer is Simon the Sorcerer. When he saw the power of God on operation he believed but when tempted he fell and tried to buy the power of God. Even after he was confronted by Peter he did not repent but asked Peter to pray for him. This was so all that Peter said would not come on him.

Ref. Acts 13:4-12.

There was another Sorcerer who was an example of an unbeliever. He was trying to turn a Proconsul from believing the true Gospel of Jesus. Paul confronted him. And the Holy Spirit spoke through the one witnessing and the Sorcerer was struck bind. The Sorcerer was an unbeliever and he tried to turn the Proconsul from Jesus and would not himself repent. He wouldn’t repent when confronted by the man of God.

Ref. 1 Samuel 9:10.

Saul (the King of Israel) was a regular Israelite, a believer (make-believer) in the church world. He did what was required of him by the priest and the Law. He had no personal relationship with the LORD. Saul had enough to know who the LORD was. But he didn’t have a personal relationship with the LORD.

Ref. 1 Samuel 9:25-10:8.

One day while Saul was looking for some lost donkeys he encountered a Man of God, the Prophet Samuel. Through this encounter Saul came to know the LORD. He was no longer a make-believer but became an active believer.

Ref. 1 Samuel 10:9-13.

When Saul came to a company of prophets the Spirit of the LORD came upon him and he prophesied.

Ref. 1 Samuel 10:17-24; Samuel 11:12-15.

Saul was anointed as King of Israel by Samuel, the prophet. Then all of Israel confirmed Saul as King.

Ref. 1 Samuel 13:5-14.

After becoming King Saul began to disobey the LORD. Saul became to want to please man. Saul did as he thought would please man or himself and did not wait on God. Samuel sent by God rebuked Saul for his disobedience.

Ref. 1 Samuel 15:20-21.

In answer to Samuel’s rebuke Saul went as far as to blame his men for his own sin. Saul did the same thing Adam did. When God confronted Adam about his sin Adam blamed Eve for his sin. This is what happens when a believer becomes a make-believer. They want to blame everyone else for their fall (sin) and don’t accept their role as a transgressor.

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