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When the believer’s relationship with God is first in their life then all the family relationships don’t take second place but first place, from the family’s perspective, as God directs the believer. If the relationship with God is not in the right place then how can the any other relationship have any order or foundation to it other than sinking sand. When the believer relationship with God is solid and maintained the other relationships will all reflect it. All relationships of a believer will reflect the believer’s relationship with God.

God (Elohim) made a covenant with Abraham to be the God (Elohim) of Abraham’s seed (descendants), Genesis 17:7. From this time on Elohim is referred to 14 times as the ‘God of Abraham’ not just because of the covenant relationship with Abraham but also because of Abraham’s personal intimate relationship with God. This was evident to Abraham’s chief servant, Eliezer.

Eliezer’s life and prayer reflected the relationship of Abraham and God. Eliezer’s name means ‘God (Elohim) is help’. But since his name does mean ‘God is help’ it was probably change by Abraham, but there is no Scripture for support, but an assumption. Eliezer did fulfill his name in Aram Naharaim (that is Northeast Mesopotamia) as he did with Abraham many times.

When Eliezer arrived in town of Nahor he prayed to the God of Abraham (The God of his master, Abraham) for success. Eliezer did not call upon any other god for help, he only called upon the God (Elohim) of Abraham. Eliezer knew and had confidence in the relationship of Abraham with God (Elohim). He may not been confident in his own relationship but he knew he was here on Abraham’s authority. He was Abraham’s ambassador as the true Christian is to be an ambassador of Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:20). Eliezer was able to use the name of Abraham when he called upon the Lord God because he was the Ambassador of Abraham. Eliezer used “God of my maser Abraham four times in Chapter 24 of Genesis.

The true Christian is to use the name of Jesus when calling upon the Lord God as an Ambassador of Jesus. Some People, even some Christians try to use the name of Jesus as a magic word or as a magic wand. They don’t seek a personal relationship with Jesus but want the authority and power of the Name and not the relationship that goes with it. This is a grievous mistake among believers. The deeper the believer’s relationship with Jesus the more the authority and power that is available for the believer to operate in. The power and authority of Jesus is directly proportional to the believer’s relationship with Jesus.

Abraham’s relationship with God (Elohim) carried over to the life of his son Isaac. Ishmael’s life was touched by Abraham’s relationship with God. Abraham taught his relationship with the Lord God to his sons and to his servants. Isaac knew the Lord God in a personal way as did Ishmael, but Ishmael’s descendents did not continue following a relationship with the One True God (Yahweh). Ishmael’s life was blessed because of Abraham’s relationship with God (Elohim) Genesis 17:18-22.

In Genesis 26:28 Abimelech recognized that the Lord God was with Isaac and sought as treaty (covenant) with Isaac, Abimelech said, “We saw clearly that the Lord God is with you...” Abimelech could see the evidence that the Lord God was with Isaac. If Isaac did not have a personal covenant relationship with Yahweh (Lord) Abimelech would not have seen the evidence of the Lord God being with Isaac. Isaac’s relationship with Yahweh (Lord) developed to where Yahweh (Lord) took on the name as “God of Isaac” and the “God of Abraham and Isaac”.

Jacob was struggling with his relationship with Yahweh (Lord) when he was sent by his father, Isaac to his Uncle Laban to get a wife. On the way Yahweh (Lord) began to reveal himself to Jacob. In Jacob’s vision at Bethel the Lord said, “I am the Lord, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac...”, Genesis 28:10-22. The Lord himself said he was the God of Isaac. God of Isaac is used seven times in the Scriptures. Six times it is used with the God of Abraham and the God of Jacob. At this time in Jacob’s life he had not developed a personal intimate relationship with the Lord God.

Abraham lived about 17 years after Jacob’s birth. This gave Jacob enough time to come to know Abraham’s relationship with God first hand. Not only did Jacob have his father Isaac to teach him but he had his father Abraham to teach him about walking with God. Those true Christians who walk with God have a testimony of a living personal covenant relationship with God. Their lives are worthy of study.

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