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There are many men and women who live a life-style as they did in the Book of Acts, men and women such as; Smith Wigglesworth, Billy Sunday, Kathryn Kuman, Lester Sumrall, Kenneth Haggin, sr, John Wesley, and William Branham. These are a few men and women who lived the life-style of Jesus and had mighty signs and wonders following their lives. These were true ambassadors of Jesus.

God established Abraham’s covenant relationship with Jacob because of Abraham’s relationship with God. Through Jacob’s life in Paddan Aram God proved himself to Jacob many times. Through these trials Jacob was able to grow in his relationship with the One True God (Yehwah) and establish a personal relationship with the Lord God. God (Elohim) was building a covenant and personal covenant relationship with Jacob through the trials Jacob went through in Paddan Aram.

Most Christians today complain about trials and tribulations, which God has designed for the Christian to grow in faith and relationship with the Lord God. A person cannot grow much on the mountaintop, it is through the valleys that a believer will really grow. The believer can only grow when the faith of the believer is stretched pass where they think they are by going through trial and tribulations. By going through tribulations and trials the believer can come to know God as his or her personal God with a deeper relationship with God. When the enemy is allowed to attack the believer it is a chance for the believer to grow in faith.

There are times when a believer has planted bad seed and is reaping the harvest of that seed. God will use these times to stretch the believer’s faith. God does not necessarily meet the needs requested when the tribulation is from bad seed planted. The believer may have not learned the lesson or may be applying what was learned the last time through the same situation or tribulation and is still planting bad seed.

Sometimes the believer takes on more than what God had intended. This causes the believer to stumble in their faith. When this happens the believer is stepping out of God’s hands and into their own hand. Thus disaster may result. This is not a result of God’s testing but a result of the believer’s own desires.

There were many trials for Jacob while he was in Paddan Aram. These where designed for growth in his relationship with God. The trial of taking two wives was a trial for all his life. This was not the plan of God but God used it to stretch Jacob’s faith and relationship with God.

Jacob associated God with his father when he spoke to Leah and Rachael about leaving Paddan Aram. Jacob said, “The God of my father has been with me.” Genesis 31:4-6. Jacob was associated God with his father because Jacob was unsure of his relationship with God.

In Genesis 31:42 Jacob was giving God glory by giving God the credit for blessing him. This is the first time “the Fear of Isaac” was used as a name for God. Jacob said, “The God of my father” and attached to it “the God of Abraham” and “the Fear of Isaac”.

“The fear of God “, “the fear of the Almighty” or “the fear of the Lord” is not used as a name of God. Only “the Fear of Isaac” and “the Fear of my father, Isaac” is used as names of God.

When Jacob took an oath in regard to the treaty with Laban, Jacob swore by “the Fear of his father, Isaac. Laban told Jacob that it was the God of his father, Jacob’s father, who visited the night before. That was the reason Laban had not attacked Jacob.

Jacob had to be witnessing about the God of his father, Abraham and Isaac, during the 21 years he worked of Laban. Laban must have known something about the God of Isaac. He knew it was the God of Isaac that visited him the night before.

Laban knew and feared the God of Abraham and Isaac. This allowed Jacob to use “the Fear of his father, Isaac” when he made an oath to Laban. Laban used ‘Yahweh’ in his part of the oath of the treaty with Jacob.

How many Christians know the Lord God as a God to be feared? Most Christians know the Lord God only as a loving God. If a parent would do what it takes to protect the life of his or her child, how much more would God bring fear and dread upon those who come against his children.

Many Christians don’t know the Fear of God. So they are quick to put the hands on or bring words against God’s Anointed or a fellow believer (which is God’s Anointed also). This is why many Christians have many troubles and not trial in their lives.

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