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How great it would be if God Almighty was known as “the Fear of the Christians”. In Acts chapter five after Ananias and Sapphira fell dead for lying to the Holy Spirit came upon the whole Church and it was seized with fear.

If Christians do not fear God?

How can non-believers and pagans

be expected to fear God?

God is not known truly as “the God of the Christians”. If he was, the Christians and non-believers would hold Him and His Holy Spirit in higher honor and reverence.

At the Jordan River Elisha took the cloak Elijah and struck the water with it saying, “Where now is the Lord, the God of Elijah?”,2 Kings 2:13-14, up to this point Elisha had relied on Elijah’s relationship with the Lord. This is evident when Elisha said, “God of Elijah”. Through three years of training Elisha was taught by Elijah about the Lord. Elisha also knew that Elijah’s name meant ’Yehwah is Elohim’ (the Lord is God). Up to this point Elisha had not had a personal one on one encounter with the Lord. All his encounters were with the context of Elijah’s presence or instructions.

But after Elijah was taken from Elisha the time came to prove his relationship with the Lord (Yehwah). The Jordan river was a place of crossing over for Elisha from a relationship with the Lord as the ‘God of Elijah’ to the ‘the God of Elisha’. Once Elisha cross the Jordan the reality of his relationship with the Lord became living to him, And the Lord became Elisha’s personal God and not just the ‘God of Abraham’ or the ‘God of Elijah’ or just the ‘God of Israel’.  After crossing the Jordan Elisha didn’t look back to the God of Elijah but looked forward to the God of Elisha.

There is a Jordan for all Christians to cross. Sometimes the Jordan has to be crossed several times. Each time a Christian crosses their Jordan there is a significant change in the Christian’s reality of who the Lord is to them.

As with Elisha a Christians must come to the place where the Lord is a reality to them and not just the reality of the Pastor or the Church or some organization or even a friend and not just an intellectual experience but a living reality.

Every Christian must cross a Jordan to find the reality of their relationship with the Lord. Jordan is a place in the Christina's life that takes faith to cross and an unyielding faith to maintain once over the Jordan.

Elisha called on the ‘God of Elijah’ at the river because he had not yet developed faith in his relationship with the Lord. Crossing the Jordan River on dry Ground was Elisha’s test of the God of ‘Elisha’, in other words a test of Elisha’s faith. God met Elisha there at the Jordan and separated the waters and Elisha crossed over from the ‘God of Elijah’ to the ‘God of Elisha’. Elisha’s relationship with the Lord became a living reality to Elisha.

Some Christians have not yet crossed their Jordan into the reality of their relationship with the Lord. Fear is probably the biggest hindrance. Then would be intimidation and self pride would rank among the top three reasons also. Idolatry would be probably the fourth reason most Christians don’t cross into a living reality of their relationship with the Lord (Yahweh).

If a believer would come into a reality of a personal intimate covenant relationship with God then God would be honored to be called “the God of (believer’s name)”. This would bring honor and glory to God through the believer’s life style. Then God could honor that believer’s relationship with him as becoming “the God of (believer’s name)”. Many believers fall short of this honor.

By God identifying himself with a nation he became the God of a nation of people, Israel. God is not just a personal God but is a God of a nation who chooses to do his will. As a God of a nation God began to deal with people as a nation as well as an individual.

On Jacob’s return to Canaan God changed Jacob’s name to Israel. From this time on God became to be known as the ‘God of Jacob’ and the ‘God of Israel’, as well as the God of Abraham and the ‘God of Isaac’. ‘God of Jacob’ is used 22 times in the Scriptures. Six times it is used with “God of Abraham and the God of Isaac”. ‘God of Israel’ is used nearly 200 times in the Scriptures, the ‘God of the Hebrews’ is used only six times throughout the Scriptures.

The United States of America was established as a nation under God. Most nations in the world don’t have Yahweh Elohim as their God. Most nations have many other gods and have reaped the curse of not having Yahweh Elohim as their God.


Thomas B. Moore

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