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The name of GOD is a subject that every believer should pursue on his or her own study and reading time with LORD. This Bible Study is an introduction into a subject that has no end to its depth. There is one thing for sure: if the Name of GOD is studied with a preconceived idea of proving a doctrine whether true or false can be accomplished.

To truly study the Names of GOD

there can be no preconceived ideas.

The mind and spirit must be open to receive from the Holy Spirit revelation knowledge. If the study of the Names of GOD is pursued with the idea of find the truth then the truth will be found. But if a preconceived idea or doctrine is sought after then the truth of the Word of GOD will be tainted with the idea or doctrine. This will taint the revelation of the Holy Spirit for the person studying the Names of GOD.

All Bible Studies should be to bring out the revelation of the truth from the Holy Spirit. But if the Bible Study is to prove or disprove doctrines then the truth and revelation of the Holy Spirit will be lost in the teachings.

The Bible is to be studied to find the truth and not to prove what is right or wrong.

Too many organizations want to prove their doctrines rather than seek for the pure truth of the Scriptures. This leaves the believer in a pickle when the pure truth is revealed by the Holy Spirit that is contrary to the doctrine they have been taught by an organization.  Some believers will choose to put aside the revelation of the Holy Spirit that is contrary to what their organization teaches for the praise of the organization or people of that organization.

Some believers have been taught for so long the doctrines of the organization that their minds are not readily open to revelation other than that which is in line with what they have been taught.

In this Bible Study I have made a few assumptions and express a few opinions. This is the only exert from over Thirty years of study and prayer. If this Bible Study brings forth something that is not according to the doctrine of your church please do not through it away as dirty water; take it and put it on the shelve. Then begin to pray and ask GOD Almighty, the Most High, to reveal the pure truth about it. Don’t try to seek to prove it one way or another. Just seek the pure truth about it in personal Bible Study and prayer time. By doing anything else would be doing a great injustice to the Word of GOD and revelation of the Holy Spirit.

Through the years of studying the Names of GOD I have come to one conclusion. That is that there is only one true name and one true title of the One and Only True Living GOD. All the other names are descriptive names and the words used are also used with other meaning than just a Name of GOD.

There are two Hebrew words that are exclusively for the name and title of the One True God in the Old Testament. YHWH is the Hebrew word used exclusively for the Name of the One True God. It is written and pronounced several ways. Yehwah or Yahweh is the closed to the way it is written. This is the way YHWH will be used in this study.

The most used pronunciation is Jehovah, but a more correct way to say Jehovah is Yehovah.  Using YHWH as a Name of GOD donates the person using it has a relationship with the One True God (Yahweh).

Many people through out the Name of GOD as a magical saying or a magic wand. The Names of GOD are not magical. Nearly all the Names of GOD are a relationship name. To use one of God’s Names effectively is to have a relationship with the One True God, YHWH (Yehwah) in the real of the name or descriptive name.

There are many compound Names of GOD used through out the Scriptures. These Names of GOD are more descriptive names rather than His Name. These descriptive Names of GOD is believer’s attempt to describe the One True God, YHWH. Some of these names may be found in the pages on “Could You Not Tarry for One Hour” in Mr. Moore's book 'Names of God In Relationships". [For more Information Click On the Book.]

The first Hebrew word used for GOD in the Hebrew Text is ELOHIM. ELOHIM is more about who the One True God is rather than a name. But ELOHIM is used as a name in many compound Names of GOD. ELOHIM is use over 2600 times in the Hebrew Scriptures and is translated as GOD over 2240 times, that is over 86% of the time in the Old Testament. Simply put ‘ELOHIM’ means “Supreme GOD”.

‘ELOHIM’ is used in reference to pagan gods or god only 10% of the time in the Hebrew Scriptures. In the plural sense ‘ELOHIM’ is translated as gods only 8% of the time and as god only 2.3% of the time. There is no place in the Hebrew Scriptures where ‘ELOHIM’ is translated as “GODS” indicating only one true GOD.

When ELOHIM is used in reference to One True God it is always translated in the singular GOD and not as GODS. When it is used in reference to pagan god(s) it is translated either in the singular and the plural.