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The One True God says His Name is Yehwah 158 times in the Old Testament. He says it to Abraham only once when he was calling Abram from the land of the Chaldeans to the land of Promise. In confirming the Covenant made with Abraham the One True God says, “I am Yehwah (the LORD)” to Jacob.

158 times are a significant number of times the One True God names himself as Yehwah (the LORD). Therefore it can be said that Yehwah (the LORD) is the main name of the One True God.

Isaiah writes in chapter 63 verse 16 one of the Names of Yehwah is ‘Gaal’, which means redeemer. ‘Gaal’ is the relationship of which Israel (as a nation) first knew Yehwah (the LORD). This is the relationship of those who will come to know the One True God. If Yehwah is not your Redeemer (Gaal) then where does your relationship come from? Yeshua (Jesus) is the name of our redeemer today and a Name of Yehwah (the One True God). Yeshua in Hebrew means Savior or Salvation.

Reading: Isaiah 63:15-19.



Thomas B. Moore