These numbers are only estimates.

There were over 700 [maybe as many as a thousand] people ministered, one-on-one, not counting those in several different churches.

There is no way of knowing how many were ministered to via Radio, TV and newspaper articles.

There were 40 to 45 who gave their hearts to Yeshua (Jesus) the first time.

There were from 20 to 25 who recommitted their lives to Yeshua (Jesus).


The number healed is not known. Many were prayed for healing. There are two that I know of for sure by the testimony they gave.

There were over 8 prayer clothes passed out directly.

God provided all the finance need along the way when needed. Sometimes a vehicle would stop beside me and hand money out the window then take off as fast as they stopped. The offerings were for more than just to meet the needs the ministry, they were more for the one giving the offering so God could meet them at the point of faith.


There were over 15 New Testaments handed out to those who had no bible or need one.

Holy Spirit had me teach nearly everybody who had a personal relationship with God how use the Five Point Card to lead someone to Yeshua (Jesus).

The Holy Spirit brought forth many words of prophecy and several prophetic words. The gifts of the Holy Spirit flowed as needed.

More than 125 CD’s and DVD’s were given away during the walk.

 Thomas Moore Cross-walker

1987 Kokomo, Indiana

2001 Freeport, IL

1996 Barbousville, WV

2012 Walk Crusade

To The Gate Way Arch

In St Louis Ministry Report

2009 Little Rock, AR

1993 Knox, IN

1992 Lafayette, IN

1995 South Chicago, IL

1998 Huston, TX near DT

1991 Munster, IN

1999 Mendota, IL

1997 Knoxville, TN

2003 Goshen, NH

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