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What is Immortality? Man's most frightening mystery is what happens to him after he dies. Can he possibly survive after death? Is man born of eternalness and immortality? These questions are 6,000 years old - as old as man. In this study, Dr. Lester Sumrall deals with man's age-old battle for immortality.

 Lesson Titles:

         What Is Immortality?
       Man Was Created For Immortality
       Of Deity And Devils
       The Marching Immortals
       Murder And Immortality
       Abortion And Immortality
       Divorce And Immortality
       Permissiveness And Immortality
       Cults And Immortality
       Reincarnation And Immortality
       How To Win The Battle For Immortality
       Who Has Immortality?
       The Battle For Immortality
       The Seed Triumphant
       Physical Death And Immortality
       Suicide And Immortality
       Adultery And Immortality
       Homosexuality And Immortality
       The Occult And Immortality
       Evolution, Humanism, And Immortality
       Communism And Immortality

Doctor Lester Summit is pastor of Christian Center in South Bend, IN as well as founder and president of LESEA. LESEA is a multi-faceted evangelistic outreach through TV, radio, tapes, books, video home-correspondence courses and World Harvest Bible College.


Doctor Lester Sumrall entered into a worldwide ministry of missionary evangelism in 1934, For over fifty years he has raised up churches all over the world. A powerful and dynamic speaker, Lester Sumrall ministers God's message with authority and takes advantage of the electronic media to reach the world of today. He founded LeSEA Broad-casting, Inc. which owns and operates several television stations, a local radio station, and an international shortwave station.


Dr. Sumrall is well-known as a television host on LeSEA Alive and as a teacher on Lester Sumrall Teaching Series.