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Doctor Lester Summit is pastor of Christian Center in South Bend, IN as well as founder and president of LESEA. LESEA is a multi-faceted evangelistic outreach through TV, radio, tapes, books, video home-correspondence courses and World Harvest Bible College.


Doctor Lester Sumrall entered into a worldwide ministry of missionary evangelism in 1934, For over fifty years he has raised up churches all over the world. A powerful and dynamic speaker, Lester Sumrall ministers God's message with authority and takes advantage of the electronic media to reach the world of today. He founded LeSEA Broad-casting, Inc. which owns and operates several television stations, a local radio station, and an international shortwave station.


Dr. Sumrall is well-known as a television host on LeSEA Alive and as a teacher on Lester Sumrall Teaching Series.

    Lester Sumrall Is a prominent voice in the Christian world, having ministered for over 60 years In more than 110 nations. He is an author, teacher, missionary, evangelist and pastor. He founded LeSEA Broadcasting

and through television, satellite, FM and shortwave radio stations, he has worked to fulfill the Great Commission by carrying the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

The Bible teaches us that man was created in the Image of God (Genesis 1:27); in the God-head, there are three mighty dimensions—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Man too Is divided Into three dimensions—spirit, soul and body,


      It is amazing that modern man with his remarkable development of science can split the atom; yet he cannot divide his own soul and spirit. The personality of man is so closely knit that it takes the all-powerful Word of God to divide the soul from the spirit. Man will never do it. Science will never figure it out. Philosophy will never know what it is all about. They will never have the answers to the reality of what makes a man a spirit, what his soul does and how it functions within him.


      These lessons are imperative for today's Christian. They are an exploration of the inner man, and will teach you how to bring your total man into obedience to God's Word.


           • THE NEW MAN

            • THE DSVINE PURPOSE

            • THE UNIVERSE




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