“God In A Box” is about of why a believer has the One True God in a box. A box is the limits a believer puts on the One True God working in their life or for them. There are many reasons a believer will have the One True God in a box.


 This book “God In A Box” will help the believer to take the One True God, (YHWH), out of the box the believer has God in. This book will reveal to the believer the different ways God is kept in a box. The word “box” is used to help the believer to understand the parameters they have on God and the works of the One True God. To each believer the parameters of their box have different dimensions than another believer. Each reason mentioned in this book will help the believer to redefine their box and grow in depth of relationship with the One True God through Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMessiah).


 Some of the reasons may have a simple solution to them. But others may take up to a great effort from the believer to be free from them. While there will be some believers who will want to hold on to what they have and not upset the approval of man or organization. Some solutions may take a prayer of deliverance for the believer to be set free from teachings that are not completely the truth of the Scriptures.


An Exert From the Book

One of the first persons of the Bible a believer would have thought had a covenant relationship with the One True God, Yehwah, were God would have taken the name of that person would have been Enoch. Enoch had an intimate covenant relationship with the One True God, Yehwah, that was so close and in unity with God that God possessed or taken Enoch and Enoch was no more, Genesis 5:24. There is no reference in the Bible of God taking on the name of Enoch as the “God of Enoch”. Even in the Book(s) of Enoch there is no reference to the name “God of Enoch”.

The next person would have been Noah. Now Noah also had a unique relationship with God but there is no reference to the “God of Noah”. Only after the flood is God associated with a person as the “God of a person”. “God of” is a reference to not just a personal relationship with God (Eloah) but also a covenant relationship with God (Eloah * Eloah is the Hebrew for God in the singular).

Before the flood there is no reference of God being attached to a person as “the God of”. In Genesis, God took Enoch to be with Him because Enoch pleased God (Eloah). Nevertheless, there is no reference to “the God of Enoch”. Noah was a mighty man of God. He built the ark to save God’s creation. However, there is no reference to “the God of Noah”.

The first time God took a person’s name as part of his name was with Noah’s son Shem, Genesis 9:26. There must have evidence of Shem’s relationship with God that Noah saw. While blessing Shem Noah said, “the God of Shem’. Noah did not say this about his other two sons; he only said it about Shem.

Shem’s relationship with God was not just an inward manifestation but was visible on the outside by his life style. Shem was only the fourth generations from Enoch. Enoch was gone before Shem was born. Noah, Shem’s father, would have known Enoch’s father, Jared and Enoch’s Son Methuselah. Ham and Japheth both had the same opportunities as Shem, but never them to heart.


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