The man of God responded according to what the Word of the Lord has said. Then the prophet lied to him saying that an angel had come to him by the Word of the Lord saying,


1 Kings 13:18

'Bring him back with you to your house

so that he may eat bread and drink water,'

New International Version.


The man of God went home with the lying prophet because the prophet had said this was the Word of the Lord. The man of God died on his way home from the prophet’s house. The man of God did not seek the Holy Spirit for himself about God changing the commandment given him.

Since the Word of the Lord had not come to the man of God about changing the command of the Lord the man of God should have continued with the command he was given and not the command the prophet said was given. Many believers have been lead stray by many false prophets, false teachers, false pastors, false evangelist and false men of God, most of which do not know they are false, because they rely on their intellect rather than on the Holy Spirit for revelation or have been taught by other false prophets, false teachers, false pastors, false evangelist and false men of God who in the beginning were led by doctrines of demons. A doctrine of demons is anything that is taught or received that is not the true Word of God or the Word of God taken out of context of paragraph or chapter or book or even out of the context of the whole of the written Word of God. This prophet in 1 Kings Chapter 13 verses 1 through 32 ended up being a false prophet because he deceived the man of God into a false sense of security, by lying to him. But it was the man of God’s responsibility to carry out the Word of the Lord until he received a Word of the Lord for himself to change. The man of God did answer the king according to the Word of the Lord and was in the process of following it when a lying prophet came and persuaded him otherwise. In the Book of 1 Samuel the story of how king Saul lost favor with the One True God, (Yehwah) and lost his anointing as King of Israel is another example of how listening to other voices will lead a believer astray, 1 Samuel 13:1-15. King Saul lost more than just favor with the One True God when he listened to other voices. He lost not only his anointing of a King of Israel but spiritually he lost his kingdom. He also lost his son, Jonathan and King Saul opened a door for an evil spirit to control him.

God’s Love And Grace Be With You Always.

Thomas Budd Moore



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