About The Book

The Question God Would ask,

“Why do you want to Hear God’s Voice if you are not going to obey?”

Hearing the voice of God or the voice of Lord is an essential part of a covenant relationship of the believer with the One True God (Yehwah). Any hindrance of a believer hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit is sin. The sin of gossip, backbiting, false testimony (lying), or walking in anger or hate, or disobedience to the Holy Spirit (the voice of God) will hinder the believer from truly hearing the voice of the One True God (Yehwah).

The believer who does not know the voice of the One True God can be lead astray by their emotions and other voices imitating the voice of the Holy Spirit. The more the believer has the mind, will and emotions under the subjection of the believer’s spirit the easier it is to hear from God. The Book begins with four questions and ends with Three questions.


1. Why do you want God to speak to you?

2. Why is it important to hear the One True God (Yehwah) speaking to you?

3. How do you hear God speaking to you now?

4.  Are you listening for God to speak to you?


A brief exert from the Book

If the believer doesn’t hear or doesn’t know the voice of God then the believer does not receive true revelation of the Word of God from the Holy Spirit nor can the believer discern what the One True God is speaking to the believer about. Therefore, if the believer cannot discern the voice of the Holy Spirit then the believer cannot be obedient to the voice of God, since the Holy Spirit is the voice of God to the believer. The One True God speaks other ways to the believer. But the believer must have the Holy Spirit of the One True God, (Yehwah), and a mind renewed to the true Word of God to discern if the other ways are truly the voice of God speaking to the believer.

Hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit is not a mental exercise. The mind that is renewed to a contaminated Word of God will not allow the believer’s spirit or the Holy Spirit to speak or have any control of the believer other than that which conforms to the parameters of the contaminated Word of God. Thus, the flesh is in more control than the believer’s spirit.

Reading: Hebrews 3:7-15

Hearing the voice of God/voice of the Holy Spirit uncontaminated is essential for the believer to be obedient to the One True God, (Yehwah). In the Book of 1 Kings there is a story of a man of God to whom the Word of the Lord came and he spoke it and the Lord confirmed it by the sign of the alter, which King Jeroboam was standing by, splitting apart and all the ashes spilling out onto the ground.

Reading: 1 Kings 13:1-32.

The Word of the Lord came to man of God, in other words it was the One True God (Yehwah) speaking to the man of God commanding him,

1 Kings 13:9

'You must not eat bread or drink water

or return by the way you came',

New International Version.


The man of God began to do what he was commanded by the Lord. After the man of God completed his task, he started home the way the One True God commanded him. But something happened on the way. An old prophet heard what the man of God had done. The prophet went to the man of God and invited him to come and eat with him, 1 Kings 13:11-15. 

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