Text Box: and all of earth takes notice to be ready to moved. The name the Christian applies to the One True God (the Most High) is Jesus Christ (Yeshua Messiah in Hebrew) through which all the power and authority of the One True God (the Most High) flows. Jesus Christ is a covenant Name of the One True God (Yahweh) and the Name of his Son.
Just saying “God” doesn’t always get the door opened. Therefore the true believer must get more specific not according to the Law but according to the Holy Spirit and begin to speak the name of God according to the need.
A person says, “God (god)”, what God are they talking about?
In this Web Site the words “God”, “G_d” or “G-d” will refer to the One True God (Yahweh), the Most High, God of the Hebrews, the God of the true Christians and/or Yeshua Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Proving the existence of the One True God to an agnostic or atheist is beyond the words or work of a believer. Only the One True God can prove himself to a person. The only thing a believer can do is to witness to a person about the power of God and demonstrate the One True God’s power working through them.
The following is a simple prayer that will untie God’s hands to prove himself to a person:
“God I don’t know if you are really exist or not. 
But if you do exist you are going have to prove yourself to me.”

The only thing a believer can do is to witness how God has work in their life and through their life. The witness of a true believer’s life-style is the greatest witness of the reality of God working today in and through human beings that truly believe.
The greater the understanding of God and His Nature a believer has the greater witness is of both the oral and life-style witness. The greater the relationship of a believer and the One True God (Yahweh) the more the understanding the believer has of God and His Nature. The more the faith of a believer is exercised in their relationship with God the greater the relationship becomes and the greater the understanding of God and His Nature.
The proof that God really exist is all around a person, if a person will begin to look around at the diversity of life on earth and in the past. Then there is the universe with all its vastness and yet is without chaos. Everything that exists has an order to its existence. This order cannot be change at will. God has set everything in order. Even the laws that govern the existence of time, matter and space have an order that hold this material world together. The fact that everything exist is sufficient proof that God exist.
A true believer accepts the fact that God really exist without question and should require no other proof than faith and the fact that of our existence.
Any and all attempts to assign attributes to God are man’s feeble attempt to describe the One True God. How can man, who has limited ability, describe the One True God who fills the universe and yet is more personal than a person’s finger print? No human has the ability or knowledge to describe or assign attributes to the One True God (Yahweh). There are no earthly words or set of words that can describe the Living God. Even the word “Jesus” falls short in man’s understanding because of man’s ability to understand.
The word “awesome” was created to help describe the One True God, who fills the universe and yet is more personal than a person’s finger print. Yet the word “awesome” doesn’t even come close to the fullness, completeness, and the unity of the Living God. Yet the One True God is a loving, forgiving, just and compassionate God. It is hard for a person who is bound by this four dimensional existence to perceive a God who is not bound by time or length or height or depth. 
Since God is not bound by time he can travel to any point in time he needs to. God can see into any point in time as he needs to. This gives God the

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