Could You Not Tarry

One Hour!!

Outline for Praying One Hour or More

Text Box: I. “Our Father which art in heaven, Hollowed be your Name.”

     A.   Thank the Father for the work Done on Calvery by His Son Jesus the Christ of God.

     B.    Thank the Father for His Nature by the Jehovah names of the God as they relate to the New Covenant.
These relate to the cleansing of sin:
 Yehoshua                       The LORD Saves
 Yehovah-mosia               The LORD my SAVIOR 
 Elohym-Yeshua              GOD my SAVIOR
 Jehovah-tsidkenu           The LORD our Righteousness 

These relates to the Holy Spirit who dwells in our spirits.
 Jehovah-m’kaddesh       The LORD who Sanctifies
 Jehovah-shalom             The LORD is peace
 Jehovah-shammah         The LORD is there
These relates to the Healing and Deliverance 
of the whole person, spirit, soul and body.
 Jehovah-rope                  The LORD who HEALS
These relates to the our needs being met by the LORD.
 Jehovah-jireh                  The LORD who provide
                                    The LORD’S provision shall be seen

These relates to the security the Lord provides.
 Jehovah-tsaba                The LORD of Host
 Jehovah-nissi                 The LORD my Banner
 Jehovah-rohi                   The LORD my Shepherd

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