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Also available at Authorhouse.com

Available at Authorhouse.com

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ISBN† 1-4208-4809-7

This book is how the Lord called Thomas B Moore to carry the Cross and his testimony about how his salvation came about. The book covers the first two walks with the Cross, 1981 and 1982.

Read about how a visitation from the Lord came about and how the Lord moved a car to spare the man carrying the Cross.

There was a covenant made between Thomas Moore and God Almighty. The covenant is still in effect today. Read about how God fulfilled the covenant while Thomas walked with the Cross.

The 1981 walk end in Indianapolis, Indiana on a day that wasnít planned by Thomas Moore.

The 1982 walk began months before the actual walk began. It began with several visions from the Lord about the walk. Read about how the visions were fulfilled.

In the testimony part of the book read how Thomas Mooreís life brought him to Jesus as his personal Savior.

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