Text Box: A person out taking a survey asks the question, “Do you believe in God?” About 90% of the people in the United States will answer “yes”. When a person just says “god” there is no way if that person is talking about the One True God of the Christians and Hebrews or some other god. There are as many different gods as there are different religions.
There are over 4300 different religions throughout the world.  Each one has it’s own god or gods. The people in these religions other than true Christianity and Judaism have a god or gods other than the One True God (Yahweh) as their god. They will answer the question with a “yes” also. 
When a Buddhist answers the question with a “yes” he or she is thinking of their god. The Hindu many be thinking of one of his or her main gods, usually Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, Ishvara or a goddess. Or one of the many other minor gods to be worshiped depending on different factors in the Hindu’s life. An atheists or humanist most likely be thinking about God being non-existent. God to an atheist is a concept for people who need a god.
If the person is talking to Muslin the Muslin would be thinking about his god, Allah. Muslins consider their god, Allah, as the One True God and all other gods as false. Even if the person says “the God of Abraham” the Muslin would still be thinking about his god, whom he considers as the “God of Abraham”. 
There some religions that would answer with a “no” because they have no god or gods based on religion. 
Atheism, Communism and Humanism say they have no god or gods because they believe God does not exist. The reality is they have many things they worship or sever just as religious people do.
There are those who worship Satan (the Devil, Baal) who will answer the question with a “yes” also. They are not saying yes to the One True God (the Most High) but to Satan (the Devil, Baal). This is saying “yes” to everything contrary to the One True God (the Most High) and to Jesus Christ.
People are not offended as long God is not named, because they can associate their god or gods with the word “God”. It is a totally different story when a Christian or a Hebrew names God, such as; Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) or Jehovah (Yehovah) or Yahweh.
When a Christian or a Hebrew mentions to Muslim about the God of Abraham the Muslim is thinking about the God of Abraham as his god, Allah. As soon as Jesus Christ, Adonai, Yahweh or Jehovah is mentioned the Muslim will become very defensive of his god. This is true for most religions of the world. 
As soon as a Christian or a Hebrew believer begins to name his God the devil and all the false gods take notice. Without a name God is mixed in with all the other nameless gods (false gods) of all the other religions. Without a name God is just a god that all the other religions can associate with as one of their gods. 
Most religions of the world have names for their gods. But when a true Christian believer speaks the name or one of the names of his the One True God (the Most High) all of heaven stands to attention ready to move WHO IS THE GOD

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