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Text Box: The local newspaper sent a reporter for an interview and some pictures. My wife received a call on her cell phone to for us to wait at the Courthouse for a reporter from KAIT 8 News. The reporter wanted us to wait for her and not leave the Courthouse. We had planned to a prayer walk around the Courthouse and the City Hall building. The LORD had instructed me that we were to go around each building three times. As we were completing the second time around the Courthouse I could see the KAIT 8 reporter setting up a tripod for the camera. As we finished the second round the reporter took some video of the man with the Cross carrying the Cross. After the third time around the Courthouse was finished the interview began.
The interview was on KAIT 8 5:00 PM news broadcast. The little segment did glorify Jesus.
The local newspaper had their interview as a front page article and it glorified Jesus also.
The 2009 Crusade Walk 
to Little Rock, ArkansasText Box: The 2009 Crusade walk to Little Rock, Arkansas from Paragould, Arkansas began at 8th Avenue and East Kingshighway on Good Friday, April 10, 2009 at 8:00 AM.
Text Box: The Cross hadnít went more than 60 yards before Sam came up to the Cross. While talking to Sam several people from New Covenant Worship Center stopped. Three of them came to walk with the man with the Cross to the Greene County Courthouse. 
While walking through the downtown area Jack came up to the Cross. Jack is a friend from another Church. He was excited about me carrying the Cross. In the downtown area several people seen the Cross but none would stop and talk. They walked to avoid the man with the Cross. 
Text Box: When we reached the Courthouse there were several people there other than my wife waiting.  
One young lady was from Brooklyn, Arkansas. How she knew about us being at the Courthouse was unknown to us. After praying with her my wife continued ministering to her as I too care of other things going on.

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