One question asked is, how was the route and destinations decided on?

Through much prayer God gives the destinations. Then God guides the routes that are to be taken and when I should be there and go through a town or city. God even guides how far the walk is in a day.


The walk covers very mile and then some extra along the way. The place where the walk stops today is the place where the walk starts the next day (or time). By walking loops through the city, the walk will be connected together. There are times the walk must stop and move down the road a short distance because of road conditions don’t allow walking. This usually happens at a major bridge or where the highway turns into an expressway. It has only happened a very few times during all the walks.


Where do you sleep at night?

Most of the time in motels when God provides finances through love offerings people along the way give to the man of God. Sometimes God has the man of God sleep in people's homes or Churches. And once and awhile it is along side the road or in the van. Most of the time when the man of God slept along side the road it was to minister to someone earlier than usual (usual time to start walking is around 8:00 AM). Some times it is as late as 10:00 AM or as early as 6:00AM.

The finances of the walk

To finance the walk the man of God relies on Love Offering received along the road and by mail. Sometime God has people bring a small lunch, but most of the time it is water or fruit juice. The man of God cannot have caffeine or soda that contain sugar and is allergic to MSG (monosodium glumate). Sugar and Caffeine are hard on the body that is exercising or walk hard. They slow the body performance down and make the man of God hotter. Fresh fruit and vegetables and 100% fruit Juices are the best and small amounts of light meat work the best for the man of God.


How did you begin

carrying the Cross?

In the August-September time frame I built a 5 foot redwood Cross for the Church I was attending at the time. While sitting in downtown Kokomo, IN at a stop light on the way to church I was talking to the Lord about how to tie the 5 foot Cross on the back of the motorcycle. I went through everybody at Church in my thoughts and had a reason why they couldn’t help. Then I came to the Pastor. “Yah! Pastor Brown has a station wagon. O’ Lord, he has 9 Kids. That’s a car load.”

Immediately after saying this, the Lord spoke Loudly and clearly, “CARRY IT!” Immediately I began to look around I thought someone had heard me talking to the Lord.

The light turn green and I proceeded through the light. Just as I hit second gear the Lord spoke again Loudly and Clearly saying, “CARRY IT!” I knew then who it was speaking the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God.

Then by the time I got to Church the LORD had instructed me to carry a twelve foot Cross from South Bend, IN to Indianapolis, IN. Then he confirmed it in several ways that would take too long to discuss now.

I was ordained in 1983 at Full Gospel Tabernacle in Marshall County.

While work with Bishop Charles E. Woodard at the Disciples of Christ Conference and Worship Center at Kokomo, Indiana Bishop Woodard ordained me as an Elder of the Church. Bishop Woodard's phone is 765.452.6874, Church 765.452.6614.

I’ve been working in the ministry and with other ministries since 1984 and have other references if needed, Pastor Roger E. Dickson phone 574-296-9125.

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