‘ELOHIM’ is used in reference to pagan gods or god only 10% of the time in the Hebrew Scriptures. In the plural sense ‘ELOHIM’ is translated as gods only 8% of the time and as god only 2.3% of the time. There is no place in the Hebrew Scriptures where ‘ELOHIM’ is translated as “GODS” indicating only one true GOD.

When ELOHIM is used in reference to One True God it is always translated in the singular GOD and not as GODS. When it is used in reference to pagan god(s) it is translated either in the singular and the plural.

The first time ‘ELOHIM’ is used with another Name of the only One True God is with the Hebrew word ‘Yahweh’. Yahweh is the proper Hebrew name for the only One True God. The use of the Hebrew name ‘Yahweh’ indicates a personal relationship or a covenant relationship with the only One True God. Every time ’Yahweh’ is translated in the King James Version or New International Version it is LORD. Notice; the word LORD is all caps, with the “L” as the large cap and the “ord” in small caps.  This is true for the New International Version but the King James Version also translates ‘Yahweh’ as GOD, written in the same format as LORD.

The first time Yahweh and ELOHIM are used together is in chapter two of Genesis; this is the first time ‘Yahweh’ is used in the Hebrew. ‘Yahweh’ is translated as LORD and ELOHIM is translated as GOD, thus LORD GOD.

Notice that it is only in the account of Creation that the LORD GOD is used. This indicates a relationship with His creation. During the time of the creation only ‘ELOHIM’ is used when there was nothing created to have a relationship with GOD. But in Genesis 1:25 GOD (ELOHIM) saw that what was created was good. So it would only be natural for GOD to be called ‘Yahweh ELOHIM’ (LORD GOD) in the account of creation. It was for this purpose that GOD created man and all of creation.

Yahweh is the proper name of the One True God, which is translated as ‘LORD’ in the King James Version, New International Version and New King James Version. In American Standard Version Yahweh (Yehovah, jehovah) is translated as ‘jehovah’ instead ‘LORD’. Yahweh is the proper name of the ONE TRUE GOD. The knowledge and use of this name of the One True God implies a personal and or Covenant relationship with the One True God.

The first time Yahweh is used in Hebrew Scriptures is with the Hebrew word “ELOHIM”. Thus “LORD GOD” combination is first used in Scriptures. This combination is used more than any other combination of the names of GOD in the King James Version over 200 times. It is use 79 times in the New International Version and is not used in the American Standard Version because American Standard Version uses ‘jehovah’ instead ‘LORD’ and is used 47 times as jehovah GOD.

‘LORD GOD’ is first used in the account of the heavens and earth, Genesis 2:4. ‘LORD GOD’ is used in relationship of GOD and his creation. In the creation of man ‘LORD GOD’ is used, not just ‘LORD’ (Yahweh) or not just GOD (ELOHIM) but ‘LORD GOD’ was used. From the creation of man GOD desired a relationship with man. There is no other name or combination of names of the One True God which used, only ‘LORD GOD’. There is a relationship between the One True God and his creation, especially man. Jesus made reference to this relationship in Matthew 6:25 - 34. GOD feeds the birds and clothes the fields with beauty.

The One True God created man for a relationship that included fellowship. The One True God created a garden and then put man in it to take care of it. In chapter two of Genesis the relationship of GOD and man is described.

The Hebrew word Yahweh (Yhwh) is the true name of the only One True God and is used exclusively as the Name of the only One True God. It is used in an abbreviated form as YAH, mostly in the Book of Psalms.  All the other Hebrew words that are used as Names of GOD are either compound names or descriptive names and titles names.  Yahweh is the first true name of the only One True God.

The Hebrew word Adonai is the only other Hebrew word that is used exclusively as a name or title of GOD. Adonai means lord, master, and sovereign. Adonai will be studied in another Bible Study.

Yahweh and Adonai are the only single Hebrew words that are used exclusively as proper names of the only One True God. There are several compound names of GOD that are used exclusively for the only One True God, also. 

Adonai is more a title than a name but is used as a name of the only One True God, also. Yahweh cannot be studied with out studying Adonai and Adonai cannot be studied without studying Yahweh. Yahweh and Adonai are use together over 300 times in the Scriptures as a compound name. In the King James Version it is translated as “LORD GOD”. Notice that GOD is all caps in the King James Version. If this is not explained in the preface of the Bible then the reader may not notice it. By translating Yahweh as GOD shows forth a lack of relationship and a lack of consistency of translation.

The Hebrew words ‘Adonai (Adonay)’ and ‘Adon (Adown)’ are translated Lord and lord respectively. Adonai (Adonay) is also translated as Sovereign. ‘Adonai (Adonay)’ is used 442 times and ‘Adon’ is 331 times in the Hebrew Scriptures.

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