What is prayer ?


Prayer is a work. The believing Christian working together with  God’s Will.

 Prayer is a communication with God ALMIGHTY in Heaven.

Prayer is a union of the believer's will and thought with God’s  Will.

 Prayer is the believer co-operating with God and in service with  God.

 Prayer joins the believer with the forces of  God the FATHER.

 Prayer is one of the most important weapons of spiritual warfare against evil forces.

 Prayer is voicing God’s will in Heaven and on earth by the believing Christian.

 Prayer is a ministry of the believer as well as a ministry for the  Church.

 Prayer is a fellowship with God by the believer.

 Prayer is not expressing one's own will for God to yield to it.

 Prayer is not expressing ungodly desires to have God to yield to  them.

 Prayer is not forcing God to change His Will to suit one's own  will.

 Prayer is not Forcing God to perform something against or contrary  to His Will, or against someone else's will.


How does prayer work?


One of the first things prayer does is the untying of God’s hands. This allows God to work in a person's life or a family's life. God will not do anything against anyone's will, a church's will, or a nation will as well as a family's will. Satan cannot go against a person's will and God will not, because man is a free will agent. Man has the right to choose the will he wants to follow. God’s hands are tied with out prayer. God will rise up and work His will as man agrees to it by voicing God’s will in Heaven and on earth.  When God hears His will voiced by a believing Christian HE raises up to perform His will.

When a believer is praying about another person that person's will enters into the prayer's answer. God will work with the life giving the person a chance to

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