The Walk Crusades began in October 1981,

but in 1991 the Crusades have been every year except for 2004.


1981 The first walk was in October of 1981 from South Bend, Indiana to Indianapolis, Indiana.


1982 in June time frame was the second walk. It was from Kokomo, IN to Bloomington, IN and Indiana University going through Indianapolis.


1987 was the third walk it was in the July time frame and was from Kokomo, IN to Owensboro, KY. The walk went south from Kokomo to Indianapolis then west through Plainfield, Brazil to Terre Haute where the walk turned south again going through Sullivan, Vencennes and Princeton to Evansville on US 41.


†1991 through 2003 the walk have been every year.


1991 to 1994 the walks were from Kokomo, IN to Chicago, Illinois. Each year was a different route. 1991 & 1994 the walk went through South Bend, IN. 1992 the walk went through Lafayette, IN. 1993 the walk went through Logansport, IN north to Michigan City, Indiana the into Chicago, Illinois

1995 the walk was from Kokomo, IN to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Then across Indiana on U.S. 30 to Chicago Heights, Illinois then up into Chicago, Illinois and the Loop


1996 Starting in Chicago, Illinois the walk went south to Lafayette, Indiana then across Indiana east to Muncie and southwest through Anderson IN to Indianapolis. From Indianapolis the walk went west to Columbus, OH. Then the walk turned south on US 23 to Portsmouth, OH. From there the walk went to Ashland, KY through Huntington, WV to Charleston, WV.

††††††††††† The 1996 walk ended in Clendenin, West Virginia.


1997 Starting in Chicago, IL the walk went south to Chicago Heights then west† on U.S. 30 to Plymouth, IN.† Where it turned south on U.S. 31 to Louisville, KY through Indianapolis. From Louisville, KY the walk went east to Lexington, KY going through Frankfort, KY. Where the walk turned south and ended near Gatlinburg, TN after going through Knoxville, TN.


1998 the walk was from Kokomo, IN to Houston, Texas. In Indiana the route was the same as the 1987. Then the walk went through the southern Illinois and south eastern Missouri. The walk went through eastern Arkansas and then through Louisiana. There the walk turned west toward Longview, TX. From there the walk went south to Houston, TX.


1999 starting again in Chicago, IL the walk went to East St. Louis, Missouri. The walk went through Aurora, Illinois, and Peru, Illinois,† through Peoria, IL, Springfield, IL ending up in East St. Louis, IL.


2000 walk was a very short walk of about 85 to 90 miles,

†††††††††††† from Kokomo, IN to Fort Wayne, IN.


2001 started in Kokomo, IN and went through Chicago, IL (click here for route). From there to Dubuque, IA.† Then to Rochester, MN the South to St. Louis, MO. Some of the states walked were Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri besides Indiana and Illinois.

†††††††††††† This walk was the longest walk so far.


2002 walk finished the 2001 walk to ST. Louis, MO.


2003 walk crusade began in Bangor, Maine. The walk went through Belfast, Augusta, Lewiston, and Auburn on the way to Portland, Maine. Then the walk went through Biddeford and Sanford in Maine before entering New Hampshire. The first town in New Hampshire was Rochester.


From there the walk went through Concord and spent a day walking around Concord. At Hopkinton, NH the police would not let me go any farther on State Road 9.


The officer suggested driving to Franklin, NH and walking to Newport and then south to Keene, NH. This was a change in route by God. From Keene the walk proceeded into Vermont.


After Brattleboro, Vermont the walk went across the state to Bennington, Vermont where the walk stopped for that year.


2009 walk crusade begins in Paragould, Arkansas and end in Little Rock, Arkansas. The walk will go west on US 412 to Walnut Ridge where it will turn south toward Little Rock. Please click here for a list of the other towns and cities to which the walk will go through.

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