1987 Walk Crusade, Kokomo, IN

2001 Walk Crusade, Freeport, IL

The fall of 1970, Moore began at Delco Electronics in Kokomo, Indiana as an Electronic Analyst and retired from there in April, 2001 with just over 30 years of service.

From 1972 through the fall of 1980, Moore was involved with drugs. The book Adventures With Jesus has some information about those years and how Thomas came to know Jesus (Yeshua) as his Savior and Lord.

In October of 1980, Moore gave his heart fully to Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMessiah). This was a beginning of a new life and freedom from drugs.

From the spring of 1981 through the spring of 1984, Moore began to attend classes taught by Doctor Lester Sumrall. He completed each class he attended with a college credit.

The Holy Spirit began to teach Thomas Moore and move him to write some outline lesson series. In doing this the Holy Spirit was able to bring Moore into a greater depth of the Scriptures.

In September of 1981, the Holy Spirit spoke to Moore to carry a Cross from South Bend, Indiana, to Indianapolis, Indiana. October of 1981, the walk began and reached the Circle in Indianapolis. Adventures With Jesus has the walk in detail along with Moore’s testimony of how he came to the Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMessiah).

Thomas B Moore has been an ordained minister since 1984. He has covered nearly 7300 miles in his walks with the Cross since 1981 and has ministered to thousands of people through the ministry of carrying the Cross. Hundreds of people have who have prayed a prayer of salvation. Many healed and set free from the things that had them bound.

The walk crusades of Thomas Moore were in 1981, 1982, 1987, and from 1990 through 2003 were every year, 2009, and 2012. Moore does not walk unless he gets direction from the LORD of where to walk from and to, along with a time to start.

Each year is a different walk as the Lord brings forth changes in Moore and the ministry of carrying the Cross. In 1996, the Lord pointed to the highway in front of Moore saying this is your Pastorship. Until that time, Moore had worked as an Associate Pastor or Elder in several churches as the Lord directed him.

Moore's sensitivity to the Holy Spirit has brought forth changes in people’s lives. Not only those he ministered to but also those who had heard about the man carrying the Cross or read about the man carrying the Cross in the newspaper or saw him on a TV news broadcast. In 1987, a teenage girl came out to the Highway to find the man carrying the Cross; she wanted him to pray with her.

“Adventures With Jesus” is not just a book of stories but of Jesus ministering through a man carrying the Cross. It is a book of the faith of one man following the instructions of the Holy Spirit. The book also includes even the mistakes he made.

“Adventures With Jesus” begins with how Moore came to know Jesus as his Savior and the calling of Moore into a ministry of Carrying the Cross. “Adventures With Jesus” includes the first two years of walking with the Cross.

“Adventures With Jesus”

By Thomas Budd Moore

Is available at Amozon.com

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ISBN 9781466297807


Thomas Budd Moore has books available at Amozon.com and CreateSpace.com.

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