Thomas Budd Moore has written this in-depth study of the Names Of God that will encourage the reader to seek to know the God Whose Name is Above Every Name. Readers will be challenged to carefully and prayerfully consider the reverence with which we should approach our Heavenly Father and Honor that is due His Great Name.

Editor - Cathy Wilkin


In studying the Names of GOD, it seems to be an endless subject. Why are the Names of God an endless subject? Because the Names of God describe God's character, God's attributes. Who God is? Who God is to you? Therefore, when a believer says, "God is my Rock." What is the believer saying?  The answer to this question is the subject of this study.

By Studying the Names of GOD, a believer can come to know God in a more personal, intimate and covenant way. If the believer will allow the Holy Spirit to teach and reveal the truth and not reject the truth will come to know God in a more personal intimate covenant way. If the person is studying the Names of God as a study and does not to come to know God in a more personal way, that person will have only head knowledge of the Names of God and not have grown in their personal relationship the God himself. Thus, this person will lose the object of this study.

The believer should hold the Names of God in utmost sacredness. The Scribes of the Old Covenant held the Names of God in absolute sanctity. They went as far as to not even speak the proper Name of God for fear that some would hear them and mispronounce “The Name”. They knew that the Names of God represented God as He is as well as His Divine Nature, His Divine Attributes, or His Divine Aspects.

The Names of God are the believer’s attempt to describe the One True God, who is big enough to contain the universe but yet is more personal than the Believer’s thumbprint. Each Name of God has a relationship attached to it. There is one name that is very personal Name of the One True God, and there is another name that is the proper Name of God. The discussion of each of these Names is later. All the rest of the Names of the One True God, except for a few, are more Title-Names rather than proper names.

This is a study of the Names of God and the relationships, which brought forth that Names of God. This study of the Names of God is to bring the believer into a greater depth of relationship with the One True God (Yehwah), through Yeshua HaMessiah (Jesus the Christ). There is a lot of good technical and intellectual material to read in the Names of God.

If the believer’s intellect is not renewed to the Word of God and to receiving revelation from the Holy Spirit, then the believer may miss the One True God working in his life.

God’s Love And Grace Be With You Always.

Thomas Budd Moore



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