The word “awesome” was created to help describe the One True God, who fills the universe and yet is more personal than a person’s finger print. Yet the word “awesome” doesn’t even come close to the fullness, completeness, and the unity of the Living God. Yet the One True God is a loving, forgiving, just and compassionate God. It is hard for a person who is bound by this four dimensional existence to perceive a God who is not bound by time or length or height or depth.

Since God is not bound by time he can travel to any point in time he needs to. God can see into any point in time as he needs to. This gives God the ability to know the things of the past a believer needs to take care of or needs to repaired so the believe can become more like Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMessiah). God is able to look into the future and prepare the believer for the future by either show the believer the future or putting things in the heart of the believer to do. (God is not limited to just believer to use to prepare his people for the future.)

In the days of Abraham time was perceived differently than today. Abraham perceived the past as real as the present and the future as real as the present. Time to Abraham wasn’t tied to a perception linear progression. The past to Abraham was a real part of the present and the future is a real part of the present. Because of our perception of time being a linear progression we have lost the reality of the past and the presence of the future.

To God there is no time as we perceive time on earth and time has no parameters to limit him. To God time may be like a sphere (basket ball) and he lives in the center of the sphere. This allows God to go to any place in time at any time or being all time at once. To God the past is in the present and the future is in the present and today is not complete yet.

There are several other things a believer can know about God. Even though a believer may know a few things about God there is no conclusive description of God or who God Is. As soon as a conclusive description is drawn there will be another facet of the One True God revealed. If a believer will receive these few things he or she can begin to develop and draw on a living relationship with the One True God (Yahweh).

The first thing is God is absolute. This absoluteness comes from God being fully complete. The completeness of God simply means that God lacks nothing and needs nothing to sustain himself. Also because of God’s completeness he has no restrictions or limitations. Since God has restrictions or limitations nothing can exist outside of him in any way. This means nothing can exist separate from God.

God’s absoluteness means his existence is self-sufficient. In other words; God requires nothing to exist or to maintain his existence. God has always existed and will always exist. God’s existence is unchanging, he is never different. Thus God never becomes less or more than he is, James 1:16-18; Hebrews 13:8.

The second thing a believer can know about God is that god’s existence is independent of creation. Yet the creation is dependent upon God’s existence. Everything that is was created by the Creator, God. God’s, the Creator’s, existence is independent of the creation. If the creation would cease to exist God would still exist. Thus God is self-sufficient and independent of his creation. But all creation is dependent upon God’s existence.

For a true believer having a God who created everything and let it go on its own is more like evolution than a true creator. A creator who is involved with his own creation is more scripturally correct.  God is constantly renewing and creating. Any time new life begins God’s hand is involved. God is constantly sustaining his creation.

God is constantly and intimately involved with all of his creation. God is involved with every detail of a believer’s life. Sometimes this means he knows or sees what the believer does or is happening to the believer. God wants to have a more intimate role than just see or knowing. He wants to be involved by guiding and causing to happen in a believer’s life. When the believer releases God’s hand through prayer, giving it over to God and doing what God says can God take an active role in a believer’s life. The believer must allow God to become an active part of his or her life.

Another thing a believer can know about God is that he is a giver. If God created his creation for his pleasure then when creation ceases to exist, God’s pleasure would change. Since God is unchanging and his existence does not depend upon his creation his pleasure is not dependent upon his creation. Only a giving God would create and maintain all that exist as an act of his will.

The one thing God has to offer that is greater than any earthly knowledge or earthly material thing is himself. The relationship of God and a believer is one way God gives of himself to an individual. It wasn’t until after man was created that God’s proper Name revealed in Scriptures, Genesis 2:4-5, Exodus 6:2-5.

The oneness of God is another thing man can know about the One True God (Yahweh). The oneness of God is a statement of God’s absolute being and unity. All that exist, all forces and all powers express the unity and oneness of God as their source of existence.

The oneness of God is without question in Judaism, Muslimism and true Christianity. Paul writes in Ephesians 4:4-6 “one God and Father of all”. In First Corinthians chapter eight Paul is writing about food sacrificed to idols writes “there is no other God but one”. Also in Galatians 3:20 Paul writes,

“A mediator, however, does not represent just one party; but God is one"

New International Version

In the book of Mark when answering the question “What is the greatest commandment?”

Jesus said, “God is one”, Mark 12:29.