In Genesis 1:26 the words “Let us” are added by the translators. The words “Let us” are not in context with Genesis 1:27 were God said man was created in his own image. By taking out “Let us” that was added by translators Genesis 1:26 comes into context with Genesis 1:27.

The word “our” in Genesis 1:26 would be more correctly added as “my” to keep in context with Genesis 1:27. Both “Let us” and “our” leaves the impression of God being more than one or talking to someone else.

When “Let us” is dropped then the impression of God being more than one or talking to someone else is not there. This is in context with the Scriptures than with “Let us”. Thus there is no room for a trinity of three Gods. With the use of “Let us” many have tried to asses attributes to God without the Holy Spirit have brought forth the impression that God is more than one deity. God is and always have been one and complete.

Any time the One True God is divided into more than one there is a loss of the unity of God. Any and all attempts to assign attributes to God are man’s feeble attempt to describe the One True God who fill the universe and yet is more personal than your finger print.

How is it the Scriptures says Jesus was with God in the beginning and all things were created through him,

John 1:1-14; Colossians 1:15-20?

There is only one God and no other participated in the work of creation. This can be confusing when a person thinks of God in relation to time as man perceives time. God does not perceive time as man perceives time today. Man’s perception of time today is a linear progression. With a linear progression perception of time people today have lost the importance of the past and the future. During the time of Jesus, the apostles and the Book of Acts time was perceived differently as it is today.

To Abraham because he was in the lions (body) of Enoch he walked with Enoch as Enoch walked with God. Abraham was also with Noah in the ark because he was still in the body of Noah.

Jacob was in Abraham when Abraham was still Abram. Thus Jacob was with Abraham when Abram set out for the promise land with the guidance of the One True God. Jacob was with Abram when God change Abram’s name to Abraham. Jacob was with Abraham as Abraham journeyed the promise land. Jacob was with Abraham when Abraham when Abraham was stop by the Angel of the Lord from sacrificing Isaac. Jacob was with Isaac on the altar as Abraham ready Isaac for the sacrifice.

Moses was in Jacob before Jacob left for his uncle Labon. If Moses was in Jacob then Moses was with Jacob all Jacob’s life. Moses was with Jacob when Jacob wrestled with God, Genesis 32:22-32. Jacob and Abraham were with Moses as stood before the Pharaoh and spoke the words of God. Abraham and Moses were with Joseph when Joseph was sold to the Ishmaelites. Abraham and Moses were with Joseph when Joseph was put in prison. They were with Joseph all his life.

Seeing how the past and the future are tied together may become clearer with the next examples: First I am a Christian then I am an American. As an American I was with the fore fathers when they were creating this nation. As an American I was with the men at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked. When the A-bombs was dropped on Japan I was with those men in the planes because I am an American.

Because I am an American even though I was not there physically; when hurricanes hit the United States I am there. I was in San Francisco when the earthquake hit. I was I with the people of Chicago during the great fire of Chicago. When men landed on the Moon in the 60’ and 70’ I was with them. When Americans sets foot on the Moon again I will be with them.

Because I am a Christian; I am with those who are being persecuted I am with them. When the Romans put Christians to death by the Loins I was with them in the arena. As a Christian I am tied together with all other true Christians spiritually, not only those who are alive today but all those who have died physically.

Jesus was with God in the beginning of creation because he was in God the Father. When God the father spoke to Mary’s womb and Jesus was created Jesus became a part of the work of creation. As the living Word of God Jesus would be the Word that God spoke at creation. As the Word of God Jesus is a part of the work of creation. (There is not enough time or space for this subject to be discussed at this time.)


Thank you, LORD

Thomas B. Moore