I want to thank the LORD for everyone who prays for this ministry and for the Crusade Walks. Praise the LORD for all who obeyed the unction of the Holy Spirit and blessed this ministry.

     The 2001 walk crusade was successful. There were nearly 2000 people ministered to and well over sixty people who came to a salvation relationship with Jesus. There had been about the same number who came back into a personal relationship with Jesus as their Savior.

     There was no true count kept because working to fulfilling numbers is not the true goal of the LORD. It is good to have a goal, but the goal must be from the LORD.  If the goal is not from the LORD then it is from man and this could be idolatry. It is more important to minister to people than to get some one to say a prayer to fulfill number. 

     There was over 7500 Little Personal Bibles during the walk. There was over nearly 1600 Ministries News Letters handed out. Over sixty prayer cloths were handed to the people ministered to as the LORD led. New Testaments were handed to at least fifty people.

     There was about 350 cassette tapes given to those who the Holy Spirit led. And there was more than 70 books given to those along the walk.

Thank you LORD!

Thomas B. Moore


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