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Thomas Moore has written eight books. These Books deal with the believer and the relationship of the believer and the One True GOD (Yehwah), Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMeshiah), Holy Spirit (Ruach Haqadosh).

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Thomas Budd Moore has been carrying the Cross since October 1981. Thomas was called by God Almighty to carry the Cross.

“Adventures With Jesus” is about how the Lord had called Thomas to walk with a twelve foot Cross. This book is a testimony about the first two years of walking.

Thomas only walks when the Lord has given him a starting place and a place to stop. The experiences in this book are from the years 1981 and 1982, the first and second walk. These two walks set in motion the ministry of carrying the Cross.

Throughout this book, there is something new along the highway each day, and something different to do in ministering to the Body of Christ and to those who do not know Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

The book is a testimony to the grace and love of Jesus Christ, the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. It was the grace of God that each walk completed as God provides the finances needed for each walk.

What Good is it to hear the voice of God if you are not going to obey it?

The first part of “Hearing The Voice Of God” is about the importance of the believer hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. Hearing the Voice of the Holy Spirit is hearing the voice of the One True God (Yahweh),

The middle part of “Hearing The Voice Of God” is the Eight ways the One True God (Yahweh) speaks to his people.

The last Part of “Hearing The Voice Of God” is about being Obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit. 

What Good is it to hear the voice of God if you are not going to obey it?  

“God In A Box” is about of why a believer has the One True God in a box. A box is the limits a believer puts on the One True God working in their life or for them. There are many reasons a believer will have the One True God in a box.

 This book “God In A Box” will help the believer to take the One True God, (YHWH), out of the box the believer has God in.. This book will reveal to the believer the different ways God is kept in a box. The word “box” is used to help the believer to understand the parameters they have on God and the works of the One True God.

To each believer the parameters of their box have different dimensions than another believer. Each reason mentioned in this book will help the believer to redefine their box and grow in depth of relationship with the One True God through Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMessiah).

 Some of the reasons may have a simple solution to them. But others may take up to a great effort from the believer to be free from them. While there will be some believers who will want to hold on to what they have and not upset the approval of man or organization. Some solutions may take a prayer of deliverance for the believer to be set free from teachings that are not completely the truth of the Scriptures. 

Thomas Budd Moore, has walked throughout the United States carrying a twelve foot cross since 1981. He has written several books, lessons and series as the Lord has leaded him to do. This book is a series of lessons about   the “Seven Anointings of the Holy Spirit” was a placed in Thomas heart back in 1987. Thomas has these lessons taught in various churches, study groups and to people when he is carrying the cross. He has shared and given these lessons to pastors, teachers of the Holy Bible, study groups leaders and etc. 

Why do we not hear very much any more about the manifestation of the Holy to Spirit to be so strong that a passerby would see the presence of the Holy Spirit’s Fire, to the place where they would think the church would literally be on fire and burning.

Thomas Moore also published a book title “Adventures With Jesus” which he tells of his walking experiences of the first two years he has carried the cross.

Thomas is an ordained ministered and lives in Arkansas

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Thomas Budd Moore has written this in-depth study of the Names Of God that will encourage the reader to seek to know the God Whose Name is Above Every Name. readers will be challenged to carefully and prayerfully consider the reverence with which we should approach our Heavenly Father and Honor that is due His Great Name.

Editor’s Note -

Cathy Wilkin

 In studying the Names of GOD, it seems to be an endless subject. Why are the Names of God an endless subject? Because the Names of God describe God's character, God's attributes. Who God is to you? Therefore, when a believer says, "God is my Rock." What is the believer saying?  The answer to this question is the subject of this study.

By Studying the Names of GOD, a believer can come to know God in a more personal, intimate and covenant way. If the believer will allow the Holy Spirit to teach and reveal the truth and not reject the truth will come to know God in a more personal intimate covenant way. If the person is studying the Names of God as a study and does not to come to know God in a more personal way, that person will have only head knowledge of the Names of God and not have grown in their personal relationship the God himself. Thus, this person will lose the object of this study

This series of Lessons is important not only to the new believer but also to those already in the Lord Jesus Christ. The study of these lessons will bring forth the answer to the question, “Who am I”. Also these lessons bring forth what is means to be Born-Again.

The First lesson is about a person comes from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.

 The Second lesson about the many things Jesus brought back to those who believe.

The Third lesson is “A New Creation And Old Man Dead.” When a person becomes Born-Again the old things in his or her life passes away.

 Lesson Fourth is “What Do I Mean to Jesus Christ?”

 Lesson Fifth is about the total man, spirit, soul and body.

Many people believe they have some type of relationship with God. Many of these relationships are based on a deal a person believes they have made with God. God may honor to some extent these deals. However, these types of deals usually leave out the real relationship the One True God wants with a person.

This book is about beginning, renewing or strengthening a person’s real relationship with the One True God. Through this book a person can come to know God in a real and very personal relationship with the One True God that he is seeking with every person on earth.

If a believer has already come into a relationship with the One True God then they can gain some insight into the strengthening and deepening their relationship with the One True God, Yahweh. The believer can begin to develop into the image God has for the believer.

In 1989, the LORD began dealing with me about praying over the cities of the walk crusades. These “Pulling Down Strongholds” prayers came from the direction of the One True God (Yahweh).  The 1991 through 1995 Walk Crusades to Chicago, Illinois were victorious. Many souls gave their hearts to Jesus (Yeshua). 

This book is guidelines for spiritual warfare. It can be prayed word for word by changing the names and/or cities for your needs. My wife and I begin Pulling Down Stronghold over the towns and Cities of a walk crusade months or a year before the walk crusade begins. This is important as it helps prepare the way for the walk crusade.